Australia Immersion Program2016-08-01
To enhance the language proficiency and broaden students’ horizon, our school associates with a variety of educational bodies in overseas as “sister schools” in order to put some common educational missions into practice. We have organized over 30 educational exchange programs to the USA and Australia in the past years. Students who took part in these programmes not only studied at some overseas schools but also lived with their designated host families. As a result, students were able to pursue various cultures and values and they share their living experience in Hong Kong to the people in the rest of the world.
Inter-class Publish Speaking Contest2016-04-29
Inter-class Public Speaking Contest is held annually in order to boost students’ confidence in speaking in English in front of a crowd. Students are required to think of a topic and write their own scripts. Preliminary rounds are held in class to select the best speaker to go to the final.
English Trivia2016-03-04
Inter-Class Trivia is organized to arouse the awareness of the use of English in different areas. Questions are set to test their knowledge in subjects like English, Mathematics, I.S., Computer, History Geography, etc.
English Activity Day2016-02-04
English Activity Day is an annual carnival-like function held after school for two days. All students can come to have fun and win prizes with the game booths designed and conducted by S1-S2 students and EngCaps.
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