name is Daniel Thomas Santospirito. I am from Melbourne, Australia, and came to Hong Kong with my wife in late August 2016. I am very happy to be here.

I have completed a Bachelor of Arts, with a double major. I studied English as well as History. My area of study in history was mainly ancient Rome. I have always been interested in this, perhaps because my father’s side of my family come from Italy originally.

I have worked as a teacher in various roles for about thirteen years. I have taught primary levels in a government school in Australia and abroad as well. I have taught bridging courses for international students going into Australian high schools which I greatly enjoyed. Most recently I have been involved in teaching academic courses to international students going into bachelor and masters courses at various universities in Melbourne. have always been interested in creative arts. I taught myself to play a number of instruments. When I was (much) younger, I played in bands (nothing famous!!!). Over the years I have been developing my understanding of music recording techniques, and enjoy writing and recording my own songs. I am very pleased to find such an energetic music department in this school, and have already met a number of very talented students.

Writing has always been an interest as well. From an early age, I have wanted to be an author, and I like to write in my spare time (when I have spare time!). It is a difficult and long process but very rewarding. Who knows, perhaps one day you will walk into a bookshop and see my name on a book cover (if you do, please buy it!). very interested in watersports and have been enjoying kitesurfing for the last seven years or so. I find this sport especially exhilarating and unique. I have been kitesurfing in a number of countries and look forward to continuing doing this amazing sport for many years into the future.

Though this is my first time in Hong Kong, it is not my first time living overseas for long periods of time. I lived in the UK for two years in Oxford where I was surrounded by 800 year old buildings. It was a lovely city, and if you ever get the chance to go I recommend it. I lived in Japan in Tokushima, a small city in Shikoku, for three years as well working as an English teacher. More recently, I spent three years in Brunei in the tropics of Borneo working in a small government school. I have enjoyed travelling and discovering new cultures and places in my time abroad, and am very excited about the vibrant culture I am experiencing in Hong Kong.

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