Hello, my name is Hans Jakob Wiechmann

In November 2018 I graduated from Fraser Coast Anglican College in Australia. In March 2019 I began my three months at Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si College as an ELTA (English Language Teaching Assistant) in Hong Kong.

In the following article, I would like to tell you a little about my experience.

I have always been interested in Asia. In particular, Hong Kong has always fascinated me, so I was very excited when I have received the job offer


I applied for the internship not only to help students to improve their English, but also to explore Hong Kong. I got to do both. I have made many friends with the students and I am more a friend than a teacher to them. I really enjoyed the afternoon and lunch activities. I always had as much fun as the students and we spent a lot of our time laughing together.

One of the biggest benefits for me of this program were the outings. Nearly every weekend, a bunch of students took me out to show me Hong Kong. Thanks to their generosity I saw and absorbed the culture and history of Hong Kong from a local perspective. My buddies also took me out to destinations like Cheung Chau which many international tourists might not actually 

know of. They really helped me to enjoy the excursions.


Thanks to having Cantonese speaking students with me, I could enjoy local food such as fried ice cream, or try something new once in a while, like Korean barbecue or Hong Kong style egg waffle.

An absolute highlight was the trip to the Tian Nan Big Buddha. The Tian Nan Big Buddha is a large statue of the Buddha next to a 150-year-old Buddhist temple. The entire monastery is located in the mountains on Lantau Island. It proved again how many different sides Hong Kong has. The scenery there had a certain similarity to the scenery in Kung Fu Panda.


Here is some advice for other travellers to Hong Kong. I highly recommend taking the Star Ferry and crossing Victoria Harbour at night. Another really cheap and simple thing to do is to take a ding ding across Hong Kong Island, or even just walk along the Promenade in the south end of Tsim Sha Tsui. From there you can see the amazing skyline of Hong Kong Island. And don’t rely on your buddies to explore Hong Kong, I personally went to places such as the 10 000 Buddhas or Tai Mei Tuk by myself.

Another highlight of my time in Hong Kong was being the judge in a cooking competition and showing Chinese students how to cook Bolognese sauce. It was a lot of fun.



The apartment provided to me by the school on the rooftop was really good. I lived in a 3 bedroom apartment, with a large bathroom and a good sized living room. I also had access to a second apartment with a giant living room equipped with two very comfortable couches, a flat screen television, a foldable table, fast internet, and a good sized kitchen. On top of that, the apartment is on the rooftop, so I basically had a penthouse, with an amazing view of the local skyline.

I highly recommend you apply for the job of English Language Teaching Assistant at YCHLCCSC. It has been an unforgettable experience, full of surprises and great memories.


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