English Language

A. Overall Objectives

1. To help students lay a solid foundation for English during junior secondary.
2. To arouse and enhance students’intrinsic and extrinsic interest of English acquisition. 
3. To extend students’acquisition of English beyond English lessons.
4. To establish an English-rich environment for our students to immerse in.
5. To facilitate a whole-school approach for the implementation of the school language policy.
6. To provide a wide range of authentic experiences for students to learn and apply English.
7. To strengthen the communication and collaboration between English Language Panel and other content subjects.


B. Policies

1. Classes are split into small groups according to students’ English ability for English lessons and we organize English remedial classes in order to cater learning diversity.
2. School-based English teaching and learning materials have been developed to cater students’ learning diversity and to provide them with authentic English. Topics and language features are chosen in particular to satisfy the language requirements for learning other subjects in English.
3. In order to encourage students to establish contacts with native English speakers, English speaking lessons are conducted by a native English teacher and we invite native English speakers from other countries to be the English language teaching assistants. Besides, exchange programmes and summer immersion programmes are arranged to allow students to immerse in English language.
4. English activities are organized by the English Society and English Captains, and English Days are set up in a regular basis to engage students in the learning and using of English in a fun and practical way.

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