English Language 2021

English Learning Activities

1.Exchange Programmes – the USA, Australia and Scotland

To enhance the language proficiency and broaden students’ horizon, our school associates with a variety of educational bodies overseas in order to put some common education missions into practice. We recommend students from Form 3 to 5 to join the USA High Schools Exchange Program held by CETUSA, Form 1 to 5 students to join the Australia Summer Immersion Programme with Fraser Coast Anglican College, and Form 2-3 students to join the Scotland Exchange Programme. These programs allow students to stay with local host families and study in a local school for a year, 7 weeks and 10 days respectively. Having finished the programme, students further develop their appreciation and acceptance of different cultures and their mastering of English language.

English Learning Activities

2.English Society

2.1 English Day

Every Day 1 and Day 3 is English Day. On these two days, all teachers and students communicate in English to establish an English-rich environment. There will also be special lunchtime activities held on these two days to engage students in some fun while practising their English.

2.2 English Captain

Students have to go through an intensive interview process and training camp before being appointed as an EngCap. They are responsible for running English activities held at the English Café, assisting teachers in promoting and encouraging other students to participate in English activities, taking MC jobs in school events, taking care of guests from overseas and many more! The most important duty of an EngCap is to spread their excitement, curiosity, and enthusiasm of English acquisition to others.

2.3 English Cafe

Students can have a relaxing lunch break and enjoy an English-only environment in the English Café. It is spacious, comfy and homey. Creative and interest-arousing English activities take place there from time to time.

2.4. English Activity Day

English Activity Day is held annually to facility students’ creativity, collaboration skills, organizational skills, as well as their use of English in an authentic context.

2.5 Halloween Drama Competition

Every year, Form 1 and Form 2 students will be in groups to put on their Halloween dramas. From scriptwriting to the final stage of performing their drama to the audience, students’ different talents are there to be shown.

3. Self-Access Learning

Students are keeping their self-access learning journal to keep a record on their learning and practice of English outside classroom.

Learning Support

1. Small-class Teaching

To cater for learning diversity, 4 classes are spilt into 5-6 groups according to students’ academic performance in English.

2. Remedial and Enhancement Support (After-school tutorials):

Students of S1-6 with poor foundation in English are nominated to join after-school tutorials.The tutorial is free of charge with a small class size, about 10-15 students in each group.

3. English Language Teaching Assistant (ELTA)

High-school graduates from Australia are invited to be English Language Teaching Assistants in our school. They conduct speaking practices and whole-school activities for students. Weekend activities are organized by our students to show the ELTAs around Hong Kong. Students can take the opportunities to improve English through authentic communication.

4. Summer Bridging Course

All pre-S1 students have to attend summer bridging course during summer holiday. Students are prepared to learn Mathematics and Integrated Science in English.

Language-Across Curriculum (LAC)

Language-Across Curriculum (LAC)

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