Pullout IT Program for Gifted secondary school students


  • To equip students with apps design and programming knowledge.
  • To nurture students’ high order thinking skills and computational thinking competency.
  • To encourage students to think creatively and innovatively.

Project Outline

Mode of implementation

  • Extra-curricular activities.


  • Students with interests in programming and technology innovations.


  • 4 elite students were selected to attend EDB pullout program.
  • School teacher taught interested students App Inventor and Arduino as interest class with these 4 students as helpers.
  • Students were introduced with Rasperry Pi and web programming knowledge.
  • Students were encouraged to create their own smart home device by using the knowledge they learnt.


Photos of the project

Students are testing their arduino car and app.

Teacher is teaching the use of sensors.

Students are taking video to introduce their work.

Students are resembling their raspberry Pi computer.


Mr Chan is resembling his raspberry Pi computer.

Student is installing operating system for his Raspberry Pi computer.                                                


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